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Golden Goal Biking unterstützt
Geschäftsführer Alpin Loacker
Felix Loacker liebt die Berge und hat mehrere Jahre Erfahrung im Bergsport. Seit er denken kann, faszinieren ihn Gipfel und die unberührte Natur. In den Bergen fühlt er sich frei und lebendig. Sie sind sein Zuhause und ein Ort, an dem er seine Komfortzone verlässt, wandert, Skitouren macht, klettert & mit dem Mountainbike fährt.

At ALPIN LOACKER We are not only passionate outdoor enthusiasts, but also proud supporters of inspiring projects. Today we would like to tell you about our exciting partnership with Golden Goal Biking.

This two brave boys, Felix Michalski from Mannheim and Fabian Dudas from Stuttgart, have joined impressive goal set: In a year with the Bicycle to travel through 25 countriesto help with the organization to build a school in Nepal.

The adventure is scheduled to run from August 2023 to July 2024.

The Golden Goal: Education for a better future

Felix and Fabian from Golden Goal Biking have an ambitious goal in mind: the Expansion of the New Marigold Secondary Boarding School in Nepal.

This School offers currently Classrooms for the Grades 1-8, but the two adventurers want to additional classrooms for the Grades 9-10 make possible.

Education is the key to a better future, and they want to ensure that all children have equal opportunities.

The story of Felix and Fabian:

Felix Michalski and Fabian Dudas have each other during their met during my studies and share many common interests, including

  • Sports (including football),
  • Photography and videography
  • as well as traveling.

The Name "Golden Goal" comes from the football and symbolized the decisive goal.

For Felix and Fabian means golden goal However, to help decisively and one Contribution to a better future to afford.

The Travel by bike is not just one for them incredible experience, but also a way to get their Passion for sports and adventure with their goal, one School in Nepal to build, connect to.

Why Felix and Fabian do this?

The Motivation from Felix and Fabian is deeply rooted in the conviction, that Education is the foundation for Sustainable development and social justice forms.

Worldwide have about 264 million children have no access to education. Golden Goal Biking would like to contribute, this to reduce number and disadvantaged children and children in rural areas Provide educational opportunities.

Through her Travel and fundraising They don't just want that Support New Marigold School, but also create awareness of the importance of education.

Nepal: A country with challenges in the education system

Nepal is a beautiful country, but also one of the poorest countries of the world. About one quarter of the Nepalese population lives below the national poverty line, resulting in inadequate access to education.

Many Children have due to of poverty and social challenges only limited future prospects. There is a lack of adequate infrastructure and economic opportunities, particularly in rural areas.

The role of Together for a better future is a dedicated team of

  • entrepreneurs,
  • business consultants,
  • Growth strategists
  • and students,

theirs Dedicate free time to building schools in developing countries. They are Golden Goal Biking's partner in the construction of the New Marigold School.

Together they are committed to ensuring that children in Nepal receive a quality education without having to contend with the challenges that still exist in many other schools in the country.

You can follow Felix and Fabian's adventures here or support them with a donation: