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Who does not want to do without the comforts of life on the road, needs good hiking accessories. The useful helpers provide on every trail for the small but subtle difference. At Alpin Loacker you will find practical equipment for hikers that should not be missing on any trail.

Especially on multi-day tours you are well advised with a sun hat, ultra-light microfiber towels and Co. So you can enjoy your independence and at the same time do not have to do without anything!

What hiking accessories do I need?

On every hike, the guiding principle is: "Less is more." After all, every gram counts here. Nevertheless, there are some gadgets that should not be missing on any tour. Water is at the top of the list. If you want to save weight, you should definitely use a hydration bladder.

This has two advantages:

  • You can quench your thirst while running
  • and have your hands free at the same time.

The practical device is simply attached to the side of the backpack. So you do not have to put down your luggage every time, but can fill your fluid supply directly via the integrated mouthpiece.

The hydration system is also suitable for washing your hands on the go. You can use microfiber towels to dry your hands. These are ultra-light and space-saving.

Hygiene is also not neglected with this practical hiking accessory. The sustainable fiber is fast drying. Thus, odors, bacteria and Co. have no chance.

You should also have your washing utensils and hygiene products handy on the hike. Who likes to rummage out the toothbrush under used laundry? A waterproof and robust toilet bag is therefore always a good choice.

The list of useful utensils for hiking also includes a comfortable place to sleep.

Unlike conventional sleeping bags, a travel sleeping bag weighs hardly any and has a minimal pack size. A travel pillow completes the sleeping experience. Because you know: You make your bed, you lie in it.

Last but not least, a sun hat is also on the list of useful hiking utensils. Ideally, your companion has UV protection. That way you can keep a clear head on every hike, even in summer!

Our hiking accessories at a glance

If you're looking for practical and sustainable hiking accessories, you've come to the right place. We attach great importance to quality. That's why we only use high-quality materials - without any questionable ingredients. This saves resources and is good for you & the environment! You will find the following hiking gear in our range:

Microfiber towel:

Our set consists of a small and a large microfiber towel. The ultra-light towels fit in any backpack thanks to their minimal weight and pack size.

Hydration Bladder:

Unlike conventional hydration bladders, our model is designed for year-round use. In our hiking accessories you will find the practical hydration system made of BPA-free PEVA and is absolutely harmless to you and the environment.

Thanks to the ergonomically shaped mouthpiece and the thoughtful design, our hydration bladder will definitely become one of your favorite companions, bet?

Sun hat:

Our ultra-light unisex hat protects you reliably from UV radiation and wind. Thanks to high breathability, the sun hat will serve you well even in high temperatures!

Toilet bag:

We have not only one, but two toilet bags for you in stock. These are custom-made in our Austrian factory. Both models are absolutely robust and waterproof. Only the shape and size varies.

If you only need a little equipment on the road, our Gear Bag is a good choice. If, on the other hand, you like to have a little more hygiene items with you, our shapely model is just right for you. It is available in three different sizes (1-5 liters) and offers plenty of space for your accessories.

Travel Sleeping Bag:

Our travel sleeping bag is not only unbeatably cozy, but also absolutely sustainable. The cuddly soft microfiber made from recycled plastic bottles offers you enough space with a size of 210 cm x 80 cm. And that with the amazing weight of just 371 g.

By the way, the space miracle can be easily transported with a pack size of 20 cm x 9 cm.

Inflatable travel pillow: 

The ergonomic pillow should not be missing on any hike. It is inflated in the blink of an eye and ensures a restful sleep - without neck pain.

With its minimal weight of 140 g, the travel pillow is the unbeatable world champion in ultra-lightweight. No other pillow on the market is lighter!

How expensive are good hiking accessories?

One thing first: expensive is always relative. We only carry high-quality hiking accessories that live up to their name. We attach great importance to quality. For example, you can buy our towel set for as little as €19. Of course, there is also cheaper equipment to buy.

But always keep in mind: Our hiking gear is made to last. If you rely on cheap goods, it will cost you dearly. You have to buy your gadgets much more often. Who on the other hand Alpin Loacker quality, you save in the long term: Once purchased, the items will give you many years of pleasure!

Where can you get hiking accessories?

In our online store and our store you will find a wide selection of high quality hiking accessories.