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You want to enjoy restful sleep on the road? Then a sleeping pad is always a good choice for camping and hiking. It protects you effectively from the cold ground and sharp stones. In combination with a cozy down sleeping bag guarantees you a high-quality sleeping pad a sleeping experience in a class of its own.

For whom is a sleeping pad suitable?

Mats are especially suitable for camping and longer hikes. If you like to wake up relaxed, refreshed and without back pain, you should definitely have an outdoor sleeping mat in your luggage.

What should I look for when buying a sleeping pad?

Before buying, you should check a few points carefully. Only then can you find the sleeping pad that suits you and the area of use among the numerous mats. Are you ready?

1. size

In order for you to lie relaxed and stretch out, you should choose a sleeping mat in the appropriate size. If you are unsure about the choice, simply fold a wool blanket to the appropriate size.

2. insulation performance

Before you choose a sleeping mat, think about when and what you want to use it for. Do you want to use the sleeping pad exclusively in the summer? Then the insulation performance is rather secondary.

If, on the other hand, you want to sleep outdoors on colder nights, you should definitely use a thermal mat that is designed for year-round use and has a high R-value.

3. weight and pack size

Weight and pack size is an important component in choosing the right mat. Our insulated and thermal mats are ultra-lightweight and fit comfortably in your backpack due to their small pack size.

Our sleeping miracle weighs just 580 g including drybag with a pack size of 12 × 25 cm. After all, every gram counts on long hikes and ballast you can not use.

4. material quality

We have different, robust sleeping pads in our range. Our lightweight, foldable camping mat made of IXPE foam is mainly suitable in summer and as an additional mat in winter.

For maximum sustainability, the ultralight thermal mat is made of 20D recycled ripstop. With the high-quality synthetic down insomats you are perfectly protected even in sub-zero temperatures.

What is the R-value of a sleeping pad?

The R-value provides information about the insulation performance. The higher the value, the better the mat protects you from the cold. Both the material used, as well as the filling and the different air chambers play a major role. Our thermal mat 750 g has an R-value of 4.7 and offers you thanks to the high-pile microfiber insulation even at an outside temperature of -5 degrees a comfortable sleeping pleasure.

What is the difference between an insulating mat and a thermal mat?

An insulating mat in the conventional sense is a camping mat made of foam that is simply rolled out. These sleeping mats are particularly robust and do not lose their insulating power even if damaged. However, foam mats do not provide the comfort that a thermal mat guarantees. The inflatable thermal mats have a higher R-value and thanks to microfiber or artificial down filling protect you optimally from ground cold. These sleeping pads can be individually adjusted in hardness and are much thicker than a "normal" sleeping pad.

How do you attach a sleeping pad to a backpack?

If you choose an ultralight thermal mat, you can store your mat in your backpack to save space due to its small pack size. A foam mat is too bulky for this. You can simply tie it in front of the bottom compartment or attach it to the side of the backpack with tension straps.

Are sleeping pads suitable for sleeping in a hammock?

Isomats are only conditionally suitable for use in a hammock, as they slip too easily here.

What is the best way to store a hammock?

A foam mat only needs a warm and dry place. There it can be rolled up or folded when dry and wait for its next use. Thermal mats should also be stored dry and warm. However, you should open the valve of these mats and store them in the unrolled state, so that the core is not pressed flat and any residual moisture can escape.

Can I mend a sleeping mat?

A sleeping pad has to withstand a lot. It can sometimes run out of air. With the help of a repair kit consisting of textile glue and airtight patches, you can seal the hole in no time.

Can sleeping pads be washed?

A sleeping pad should only be cleaned by hand. Simply use a sponge and a gentle cleaning agent (e.g. washing-up liquid). Afterwards, the camping mat must dry well.

Where can I buy a camping mat?

You can find dreamlike sleeping pads in our store, in the store and on Amazon.