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Whether trekking, hiking or mountaineering: With the right outdoor clothing for men you always cut a fine figure. To guarantee you the right outfit for every adventure, functionality, quality and fit are our top priorities. Only in this way you are well equipped for any weather.

What makes really good outdoor clothing?

To be able to enjoy all outdoor sports activities, the choice of the right outdoor clothing is crucial. The range of outdoor fashion for men is almost unlimited. But besides the look, other criteria play an important role:

  • Functionality,
  • accuracy of fit,
  • a maximum of breathability
  • and wetness protection are decisive,

whether your tour will be a highlight or a flop. Ethical components also play a decisive role.

So that you can enjoy your outdoor adventures with the best knowledge & conscience, we rely on 100% sustainability and fair work in the production of our collections. The result is the best: for you, your fellow human beings and the environment.

What outdoor clothing do you need?

Heat, cold, wet & wind require different outdoor clothing. As before, the onion technique has proven itself.

  1. The bottom layer forms breathable Merino underwearwhich reliably wicks away moisture and provides you with a pleasant feeling. The fast-drying natural product ensures maximum comfort, regulates temperature and is antibacterial.

  2. Also the second layer of the outdoor outfit for men should be made of breathable materials to ensure good moisture and temperature regulation. Here especially our Softshell hiking pants and tops made of high quality merino wool have proven themselves.

  3. One Hardshell rain jacket, hiking socks and Hiking boots should also be part of the basic equipment. also Gaiters for hiking should not be missing in your luggage.

Outdoor clothing for every season

If you are looking for high quality and functional outdoor clothing from ALPIN LOACKER you are equipped for all occasions.

Our assortment from Merino Premium wool is designed for year-round use. Due to the temperature regulating properties and the extreme durability you are equipped for any weather.

The garments hardly take on any odors, are fast drying and are therefore ideal for tours lasting several days. This saves luggage and important resources. The certified natural product is also clearly ahead in terms of sustainability.

Our hiking gear for men are ecologically produced and 100 % free of harmful substances. Animal welfare is also a focus here. We deliberately reject mulesing. Instead, we rely exclusively on merion wool from 100% painless extraction.

What outdoor clothing is ideal for winter?

  1. In winter, long underpants have proven to be the best base layer. They reliably protect you from cooling down and give you an incomparable wearing comfort.
  2. On top of that you can wear our sustainable softshell pants, which reliably protect you from wind and moisture.
  3. Depending on the outside temperature and your chosen pace, you can wear a merino T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt over the tank top.
  4. The men's insulation jacket gives you cozy warmth and optimal comfort under the waterproof hardshell jacket.
  5. The perfect protection for your hands offer you ultra-light and comfortable thermal gloves.
  6. You should also keep an eye on your feet in extreme temperatures, so that the ground cold can not penetrate to you. For this purpose, higher-cut ski socks are particularly suitable, which give you additional cushioning as well as warmth.

So you are perfectly equipped in winter - without freezing and without sweating.

Which outdoor clothing is suitable for summer?

Even in summer, the weather kitchen can have a few surprises in store. Conventional trekking clothing for men can very quickly reach its limits. After all, no one wants to sweat when walking through the rain.

Our Softshell hiking pants and hardshell rain jackets just like our functional textiles made of merino wool, have temperature-regulating properties with outstanding moisture protection.

The entire collection offers you an excellent body climate in all facets of summer.

How do I find the right size?

Our outdoor clothing for men is characterized by the highest level of comfort and fit. To find the right size, you can simply orient yourself on your everyday size. This corresponds with our specifications.

What is the best way to wash my hiking clothes?

The good news first: All hiking clothes for men made of high-quality merino wool hardly take on odors due to their antibacterial properties. Accordingly, you need to wash them less often compared to other materials.

  • If your outfit still needs a wash, it's best to choose the delicate or wool wash cycle and use ph-neutral wool detergent.
  • Afterwards just shake out and hang up.

Due to the quick-drying properties, our outdoor fashion for men made of merino wool (without ironing) is ready for use again in no time.

Functional clothing made of other materials is best washed in the outdoor program. Alternatively, you can also select the delicate wash cycle. If possible, use only the appropriate outdoor detergent.

Where can I buy outdoor fashion for men?

You can find high-quality and fashionable outdoor fashion for men in our online store, on Amazon and in the store. Also take a look at our outdoor outlet by. We have interesting offers for you there at any time.