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Gas cooker, camping dishes, Titan cutlery from Alpin Loacker

Buy light camping gas cookers online

What makes a good camping stove?

An outdoor cooker is indispensable on several days of hiking tours or on a camping vacation. A warm meal and the coffee in the morning are essential to stay strengthened on the mountain. The quality of the outdoor cooker is crucial. For mountain fans and outdoor camper, light weight is also an important factor. Therefore, in the development and design of our gas cartridges Camping Kocher was taken care of that they are ultra -light, compact and easy to use. Security also plays a crucial role in an outdoor gas cooker - a safe gas cooker system protects against burns and accidents.

How do outdoor gas cookers work?

Gas cookers consist of a burning head, pot, detonator and gas cartridge, as well as a stand. Some versions have a hose that leads the gas to the burner head. This is practical if you use heavy and high pots for cooking or has to heat larger quantities. However, if it is easy and compact when hiking, ultra -light gas cookers with screwable gas cartridges system are recommended. The gas stove is screwed to the cartridge by the thread, so the gas flows directly from the burner head. This ensures quiet combustion. The advantage of this leiserbrenner is that you can construct them compactly and easily. They are efficient, safe and easy to use.

The right gas cartridge for our Alpin Loacker Gas cooker

Not all gas cartridges are compatible. It is also important to find out where they are available. If you are planning a longer trip, not all gas cartridges are available in the different countries. Enough stock is therefore crucial. For our ultra -light camping gas cookers and our electricity kit per gas cooker system, we recommend the Primus 100 g screw cartridge. This is available in most common hardware stores and online shops. Screwing cartridges are also allowed on the plane. Camping cooker systems with a gas cartridge are also easier to clean and have a low smell formation.

How do I clean the outdoor cooking system?

Gas cookers should be cleaned regularly to ensure the function. This can be affected by fat residues. With little water, mild detergent, this is quickly and easily done. Stubborn residues can first be soaked and then cleaned with a flush. Our outdoor gas kocher Kocher is therefore made of easy -care titanium and our Storm Kit Pro Campingkocher System made of high -quality and coated aluminum - so there is no quick -to -go back on the outdoor saucepan.