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Are you sure of safety & durability? At the same time, do you want to enjoy independence and freedom? Then telescope walking sticks are the ideal companion on all your ways. The sturdy and at the same time light poles offer you maximum grip and footrest on any surface.

At the same time, they provide an optimal gait image. Your joints, muscles and hips are optimally relieved. So you yourself always have your nose in the rough terrain.

How does a Telescopic Walking Stick work?

A Telescopic walking stick is, as the name suggests, telescopable. It consists of three segments, which you can pull apart and arrest at will. In this way, trekking poles with a telescope system can be adapted in no time at all.

Especially in the case of changing ground, the easy adjustability is of enormous advantage. In fact, it ensures maximum safety. These models can also provide good service for longer hikes with corresponding luggage.

Your body weight is optimally distributed and your joints are relieved to the best possible conditions. In steep and difficult terrain, a telescopic pole can be easily found on the trekking backpack. a slight Wander Backpack . For the transport you can reduce it quickly and easily to a compact length.

The advantage: You have enough freedom to hold you down or even climb.

What is the difference between foldable-and telescopic walking sticks?

The main difference lies in the adjustment possibilities: Foldable walking sticks will be unfolded. In the case of telescopic hiking poles, you set the appropriate length by pulling the segments apart.

The latter succeeds quickly and above all steplessly. In this way, you can adapt your equipment perfectly to your body size and adjust it if necessary.

This ingenable system has another decisive advantage:

  • Telescopic hiking poles have more rigidity than your competitors.
  • This not only improves the damping, but also has a positive effect on the service life.
  • Even in the case of frequent use on stone and debris, these models are highly durable.

One or two telescopes walking sticks while hiking?

One way forward: hiking poles are not offered in pairs without any reason. So that you can optimally relieve your body and at the same time offer you maximum safety, you should always use two telescopic hiking poles while hiking, trekking and co.

  • On a flat ground, you keep your sticks diagonally and use them alternately according to your natural course of movement.
  • The so-called double-decker operation has proven itself in steep terrain (mountaineering and mountain ranges).

To do this, you will use both trekking poles with a telescope system at every second step and will meet you with your help. Thereby you save your strength and save your joints.

Can the telescope walking sticks be used even in snow?

Yes, thanks to the supplied snow plates, our telescopic hiking poles are ideal for use in snow. By the way: In the scope of delivery are 4 different essays included: for

  1. Asphalt,
  2. Nordic Walking,
  3. Trekking
  4. and snow.

Which material consists of the telescopic hiking poles of ALPIN LOACKER?

We have different models for you in stock. You can between Aircraft Aluminium and Carbon vote.

  • Telescopic Trekking Poles made of carbon have a decisive advantage: they are ultralight and bring just 260 grams per stick to the scale.
  • The models made of aluminum are a bit heavier with 292 grams per floor, but also more robust. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Especially for long-term use in heavy terrain, aluminium impresses with its better durability. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

For use on soft soils and easy hikes, the properties of carbon are comparable to those of aluminum. Our ultra-light carbon telescopic poles are slightly more expensive than the aluminum hiking poles. This is because the processing of the carbon fiber is much more complex.

Both models have an ergonomically shaped cork handle. The sustainable natural material gives you optimal grip in any weather – free of blisters and calluses. Thanks to the highest degree of breathability and the skin-friendly properties, our Telescopic Wanderstick lies excellently in the hand even at extreme temperatures. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

How long have the telescopic walking poles extended/retracted? I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Our telescopic hiking poles have a length of 65 cm when pushed together, which you can adjust optimally to your height thanks to the adjustment range from 105 cm to 135 cm. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

What closure system do the telescopic walking poles of ALPIN LOACKER?

We have deliberately opted for the clamp closure for our trekking poles with telescopic system. This locking system has several advantages compared to the rotary lock:

  • The setting is particularly simple and intuitive. This gives you maximum ease of use. This way you can adjust your poles quickly and easily even with gloves.
  • The durability is also much better than with rotary closures. They are particularly durable and do not come off unexpectedly.

This allows you to enjoy your telescope walking stick for a long time and at the same time enjoy maximum safety. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

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