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Whether for hiking, trekking or sports: an outdoor backpack is the most important equipment for all adventures in nature. Therefore, quality and functionality play a paramount role. We are aware of this responsibility. After all, you want a solid and reliable companion.

Be sure: Our outdoor trekking backpacks meet the highest quality standards. They are produced in our own tailor shop in Austria with a lot of love and dedication for you. Thereby we rely on

  • high quality materials,
  • genuine craftsmanship
  • and sustainability.

The result is the best backpacks for your outdoor activities: ultra-light, waterproof and with unparalleled comfort.

Buy outdoor backpack - what features are important when buying?

Imagine you are on a long hike. Already after a few kilometers your back hurts. The backpack presses and pulls you backwards. Not a nice thought, is it?

To prevent this from happening in the first place, you should consider a few components before buying. Only then can you find the best backpack for your outdoor use:

Wearing comfort:

As you have already noticed in our little thought experiment, the wearing comfort is crucial for your well-being. To make your outdoor backpack comfortable to wear, it should be ergonomically shaped and well padded. A removable hip belt ensures optimal load distribution for heavy luggage. All these features are combined in our models.


In all activities, the backpack is so much demanded. After all, he is at the mercy of all weather caprices without protection. On top of that, a backpack has to bear a lot in the outdoor sector.

Therefore, the material plays a decisive role in the purchase. We rely on high-quality X-Pack. This impregnated material is particularly

  • abrasion resistant,
  • fast drying,
  • ultra light and
  • waterproof with a water column of 5000 mm.

Interior pockets / organization options:

Especially on long tours, your luggage needs to be easy to find. Who would like to have to unpack everything to find the water bottle made of stainless steel or the Lunchbox from Stainless steel to find? With our innovative bags and belt systems you have everything under control from now on.

Thanks to the built-in interior and exterior pockets, you'll find everything you need in an outdoor trekking backpack from Alpin Loacker you will find a lot of additional storage space. So you can stow your luggage particularly efficiently.


So that a hiking backpack comfortable to wear in the outdoors, it must be quickly and individually adjustable. That is why we have also opted for a removable hip belt. You can also adjust all straps and additional carrying straps according to your personal preferences.

What distinguishes the outdoor backpacks from Alpin Loacker distinguish?

As you know, at Alpin Loacker quality and sustainability. That's why we use recycled plastic for our integrated seat cushions, which also serve as back padding.

Sustainability is not neglected in the other materials either. We only use high-quality fabrics that won't harm you or the environment. Both 420D Diamond Ripstop and X-Pack are particularly robust and abrasion-resistant. It's not for nothing that we grant a 36-month warranty on the handmade models from our in-house tailoring in Vorarlberg.

Our outdoor backpacks are not only particularly high quality and robust, but also extremely light. Thanks to the innovative design and ingenious features they offer you a maximum of

  • wearing comfort,
  • individual adjustment options
  • and plenty of storage space.

Are the backpacks waterproof?

One thing in advance: Even though absolute waterproofness is often advertised. This does not exist. Why? Simply because there is no good tape that seals all seams and zippers 100%. Therefore, we have our outdoor backpack with 40 L + volume we have integrated a rain cover, which you can put over in the blink of an eye if necessary.

Our ultralight model is made of waterproof material. For use in heavy and prolonged rainfall, however, we recommend the additional use of our Drybag

How big should an outdoor backpack be?

The size of your outdoor backpack always depends on the area of use. Our range includes various models with different volumes.

  1. For a day trip, 25 liters are usually sufficient and offer enough space for food, rain jacket and Co.
  2. If you need more luggage or plan a multi-day hike, your outdoor backpack should include 40l and more. So you have enough storage space for your accessories to the Outdoor cooking, Down sleeping bag, light Tent, Outdoor Clothing and Co.

How should an outdoor backpack fit?

An outdoor trekking backpack should always fit snugly and stably on the back. This ensures optimal wearing comfort and the best possible relief.

Thanks to the ergonomic back system and the individual adjustability, our models can be optimally adapted and are equally suitable for men and women.

Can you wash an outdoor backpack in the washing machine?

Even a good outdoor backpack gets dirty once in a while. But before you start flirting with the use of the washing machine: You should rather not do that. Your equipment can take great damage! Instead, it is better to hand wash.

You can remove rough dirt with a brush. In case of heavy soiling, an outdoor backpack can easily be cleaned in the bathtub or in a large wash bowl with water and pH-neutral soap.