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You are what you eat. This is especially true on hiking tours lasting several days and on camping holidays. So that you can recharge your batteries in the open air and set off for the next stage feeling refreshed, good equipment for cooking outdoors is essential.

And let's be honest: a picnic in the fresh air tastes twice as good, right?

What equipment do you need for outdoor cooking?

If you take your own food into your own hands, you have to think about a lot of things in advance. This mainly applies when you are traveling in untouched nature. After all, you can't even get missing equipment here.

To make cooking outdoors child's play, you'll find the right equipment for your outdoor kitchen with us.

Gas cooker

A good gas stove forms the basis for outdoor cooking. Who wants to go without a warm meal and a delicious cup of coffee? Our quick cooking system is recommended for anyone who wants to reach their destination quickly.

TheGas cooker It reaches operating temperature in a short time and is also easy to transport due to its low weight. Ours is even lighter and space-savingSet with titanium cooking pot. With a pack size of 11 cm, it fits in any backpack. Our delivery is already included Titanium cooking pot Included, which can also be converted into a cup.


Did you know that most people forget to pack cutlery? You can do this with our three-piece set Outdoor cutlery titanium made of light and robust titanium. Thepractical Outdoor equipment can be fixed with a carabiner and transported in the included bag.

Lunch box

If you don't like eating from the same pot with several people and don't want to throw away leftovers, you should definitely have one Stainless steel lunch box Take it with you to cook outdoors. Thesustainable container We have them in stock for you in different sizes and materials.

Stainless steel drinking bottle & stainless steel thermal cups

Also one Stainless steel drinking bottle andThermo cups are part of the equipment for the outdoor kitchen. This means you can cook hot drinks and soups in advance and don't have to turn on your gas stove every time you take a break. This saves valuable time and energy.

So that you can Outdoor equipment If you can pack well, ours are suitable Hiking backpacks.

What should you consider when cooking outdoors?

To ensure that outdoor cooking doesn't turn into a flop, you should definitely keep a few points in mind:

  • Pay attention to the weather conditions. Be sure to use one in windy conditionsWind protectionto save energy and reduce cooking time.
  • Regardless of the weather and time of year, you should not use a gas stove near the forest to avoid risking a fire.
  • You should set up your cooking area on a level surface so that it has a secure footing.

How do outdoor gas stoves work?

Outdoors Titanium gas cooker consist of five components: a burner head, pot, igniter, gas cartridge and base. In our ultra-light models, the thread is screwed onto the cartridge. This means that, unlike other versions, the gas goes directly to the burner head.

These so-called quiet burners not only have a small pack size and weight, but are also characterized by their efficient use. The operation of these cooking systems for outdoor cooking is particularly easy and safe.

What makes a good camping stove?

To make outdoor cooking a pleasure, you should definitely pay attention to the quality when buying a camping stove. The materials used and the workmanship determine the lifespan of your equipment.

The weight and pack size also play an important role. That's why we only used high-quality, lightweight materials when developing our products and also chose the size so that you can easily transport your cooking system in your backpack.

Safety is also a top priority for our models to protect you from accidents and burns.

How long does the outdoor gas stove last?

When handled and stored properly, a gas stove is... Alpin Loacker a companion for eternity. Of course, you only have to replace the gas cartridge regularly.

Which gas cartridge is suitable for the outdoor gas cooker?

For our gas stoves we recommend the Primus 100 g screw cartridge. This has proven itself for outdoor cooking and impresses with its good price-performance ratio.

How do I clean the outdoor cooking system?

To ensure you enjoy your outdoor cooking system for a long time, you should clean it regularly. Otherwise the function can be impaired by grease residues. Simply use a little water and a mild detergent to clean. You should soak stubborn dirt first and then remove it with a soft sponge.

The highlight: We use easy-care titanium and coated aluminum for our models in order to limit adhesion in advance.