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If you think that hiking poles are only for older people, you're very wrong. The handy poles are a real asset on longer tours - regardless of your age! They give you maximum surefootedness and stability on all your trails and provide optimal relief for muscles and joints.

Even in rough terrain and with heavy luggage, hiking poles improve your performance. Why? Quite simply because poles reduce the effort you need to exert and optimize your gait. Just give it a try. Bet you'll never leave home without hiking poles again!

What types of hiking poles are there?

There are two types of hiking poles: Folding poles and Telescopic hiking poles. As the name suggests, folding trekking poles are simply unfolded before use. Thus, they are quickly and easily ready for use when needed. The highlight: With just a few simple steps you can adjust these models to your body size. If you do not need your poles, they can be easily stored in your backpack due to their small pack size.

Telescopic hiking poles have been an integral part of hiking and ski touring since the 70s. Due to their excellent stability, they are mainly suitable for tours that demand a lot from you and the poles.

What is the difference between a hiking pole and a trekking pole?

With all the information in magazines and forums, the question quickly arises: What is the difference between a hiking pole and a trekking pole? The answer is quite simple: there is none at all. "Walking stick" is simply another word for "trekking poles".

What materials are used for our hiking poles?

At Alpin Loacker you will find hiking poles made of carbon or aluminum. Our Carbon Hiking Poles offer you maximum stability with maximum vibration protection despite the ultra-light material. Especially with folding poles, carbon provides more stiffness and extends the life of the poles under high stress. If you always expect maximum performance from your trekking poles, you should opt for our models made of unbreakable aircraft aluminum.

How do I choose the right trekking pole for my needs?

To find the right hiking pole, first ask yourself: Do you want to use your hiking poles for easy or for demanding tours? Should your equipment be easily stowable? Questions about questions ... The following criteria bring light into the darkness and help you with the selection:

The weight:

As you know, the weight of your hiking pole depends on the material. Since we use only carbon and aluminum, all our models are characterized by a low weight. This is essential. After all, your hiking poles should not slow you down, but support you. And our ultra-light hiking poles do just that.

The handle:

The handle must offer you optimal grip and good handling on every trail. That's why all our hiking poles are equipped with a cork grip. They are

  • ergonomically shaped
  • and successfully protect you from blisters and calluses.

The attachments

No two tracks are the same. But no matter whether mud, scree, asphalt or snow, our Cane plates always offer you a good performance. The scope of delivery includes four different attachments. They are non-slip and guarantee you perfect grip with maximum damping. Our attachments are made of vulcanized rubber. This makes them abrasion-resistant and durable.

Which walking stick attachments are suitable for which surface?

Asphalt attachments are specially designed for use on hard surfaces. They protect the tip of your hiking pole from abrasion. In the mountains, however, you should not use asphalt attachments. They do not give you the necessary grip.

Instead, use your poles on dry mountain terrain without rubber pads at all. To prevent the tip of the pole from sinking into the scree, you can also screw on the mud attachments in the mountains. These are also suitable, as the name suggests, for use on sand, earth and mud.

Nordic Walking attachments provide maximum speed by making it easier for you to walk fast.

Snow plates can be used for snow hiking, skiing and snowboarding.

How long is the life of a walking stick?

Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this question. The life span of your walking stick depends of course on the use. Since with Alpin Loacker quality is very important, our trekking poles will last for many years if treated properly.

What guarantees offers Alpin Loacker for its trekking poles?

Should you still have reason to complain, you can take advantage of our free repair service under warranty. Spare parts for your hiking poles can also be found in our store.

Can the hiking poles be adjusted to the body size?

Yes, all models are individually adjustable. So you can adjust your hiking poles to the right length.

Where can I buy hiking poles?

The best deals for Alpin Loacker Hiking poles you can find in our store and on site in our store.

What products will make my hiking day a great outing?

Hiking poles are important for hiking. Nevertheless, depending on the weather & excursion, other products play an important role: