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Buy outdoor stainless steel drinking bottle online

Outdoor drinking bottles - vital companions with every adventure

A must is a must, since dehydration on the mountain can have fatal consequences. A good outdoor drinking system should therefore be well selected. For several days of hiking tours and in hot weather, a large is an isolated hiking drinking bottle of a smaller variant. A stable stainless steel drinking bottle is therefore suitable for sports, school, outdoor and camping. In contrast to a conventional plastic drinking bottle, they are robust and durable. Also more popular and soon also at Alpin Loacker A light drinking bubble or a light drinking bag is available, which can also be connected to a water filter. They areolate well, are light and cover the desired need for water.

Why our environmentally friendly sports drinking bottle is the best drinking bottle for hiking

We chose drinking bottles for high -quality 304 stainless steel in our sport. This is rust -free, durable and 100% BPA and plastic -free! As a result, they do not accept a smell - unlike a conventional plastic drinking bottle. The isolation keeps up to 6 hours hot, 12 hours warm and cold 24 hours. Likewise, they are easy to clean, environmentally friendly and do not cost the world. The lid of the Eco Bottle is made of bamboo, which is not just an eye -catcher.

When should I choose a water bag?

For severe and long hikes in terrain in the drinking water supply, outdoor drinking bags are recommended to ensure enough water supply.
They are light and have enough volume to make longer and difficult distances. A hiking drinking bottle is sufficient for light hikes and day trips. It is compact, available in different sizes and can be replaced quickly.

How do I best clean my stainless steel drinking bottle?

To avoid that impurities or even mold forms, you should clean the outdoor sports Bottle after each use. If the drinking bottle was only filled with water, the basic cleaning is cleaning, camping and if you have to go quickly. Rinse with a little water and let it dry in the air is enough. It is ideal if you have a soft bottle brush with you. At home you can then clean the hiking bottle with hot water, a little washing -up remedy and brush. You should let the lid and the mouthpiece of the Camping drinking bottle dry well to prevent mold and bacteria. In stubborn dirt, you can remedy solutions with light vinegar and citric acid or baking powder.