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Admittedly: The word "gaiters" sounds at first a little old-fashioned and probably rather reminds of spry pensioners. But appearances are deceptive. If you value dry feet and legs all year round, ultra-light hiking gaiters are an absolute must-have and a valuable addition to your equipment on all trekking tours. We bet you'll never want to do without them again once you've experienced their benefits.

What do you need gaiters for when hiking?

Just like good hiking boots and functional clothing, gaiters are basic hiking equipment. They reliably protect your legs from moisture, snow and mud.

Also ticks and other pests have no more attack surface from now on. Outdoor gaiters give you maximum freedom and protection - even without boots and rain pants.

In summer you are protected from wetness and mud without overheating. In winter, you enjoy cozy warmth thanks to the additional insulation. So wet feet and legs while hiking and trekking are now a thing of the past.

Buy gaiters for hiking: What should I look for?

There are also big differences in gaiters. Therefore, you should definitely consider the following factors when buying:

1. weather

So-called snow gaiters are gaiters for hiking in winter. They are usually relatively thick and bulky to provide the necessary protection.

Rain gaiters, on the other hand, are more for hiking in the summer. Due to the thin material they offer you no additional protection from the cold.

So that you do not need the right equipment for every season, we have our Mountain Gaiters developed. They are designed for year-round use and offer you absolute waterproofness with maximum breathability.

So your legs and feet remain perfectly protected from wetness and mud in any temperature - without overheating!

2. material

The material used determines the quality of the hiking gaiters. We therefore rely on a sustainable and robust material composition with low abrasion for maximum durability. Thanks to the PFC-free ECO impregnation, we can guarantee you a high breathability (10,000 mm) and water column (20,000 mm).

3. height

In order for gaiters to provide you with optimal protection against moisture while hiking, they should be high enough and fit flush with both the leg and the foot. Our models have an optimal length to protect your legs optimally.

Thanks to our unique system, consisting of an extra wide Velcro closure, an additional tension closure and the adjustable TPU straps, our Mountain Gainers are individually adjustable.

4. weight

You should also consider the weight when choosing. The lighter the gaiters, the better. After all, who needs a block on the leg? Therefore, gaiters for hiking from Alpin Loacker ultra-light. Per pair (!) They bring just 179 g on the scale. That's less than 90 g per gaiter!

The matchingoutdoor clothing you will find in the following categories:

How do I put on the hiking gaiters correctly?

Thanks to the low weight and minimal pack size, you can easily stow the gaiters in your backpack and put them on in a jiffy when needed.

Here's how it works:

  1. When putting on the hiking gaiters, the Velcro fasteners must be at the front of your leg. The opening points to the front.
  2. Adjust the tension closure on the shaft (top) so that the hiking gaiters fit flush, but do not cut in when walking.
  3. Now you can close the Velcro. Make sure that the fabric inside fits well.
  4. Then put the buckles of the instep strap on the outside of your foot, so as not to accidentally step against it while hiking.
  5. Finally, adjust the instep strap length so that the Gailer is flush with your shoe. This is the only way to prevent moisture from penetrating from below.

How do I find the right size?

Finding the right size is not difficult. You can simply orient yourself with our outdoor gaiters on your regular shoe size.

Our range includes two size ranges:

  • Size M (shoe size 35-40)
  • and size L (shoe size 41-46).

Thanks to the sophisticated adjustment system, you can adjust the gaiters to your leg shape while hiking.

Can you wash hiking gaiters in the washing machine?

Hiking gaiters have to withstand a lot. Especially if they protect your legs and shoes from mud and slush, you can see the work approach to them.

  • You can remove light dirt with a soft cloth.
  • For heavy soiling, the hiking gaiters can also be washed in the washing machine.

If possible, use the outdoor program or alternatively choose delicates. If you choose a special outdoor detergent with subsequent impregnation, you will enjoy your hiking boots for a long time.