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Alpin Loacker Buy hiking stick accessories online

Spare parts and accessories for our Alpin Loacker Hiking sticks

Trekking sticks relieve our joints and ensure more balance for hikes. But with constant use, it happens that signs of wear or even damage are noticeable. This can often be remedied by cleaning and changing segments - therefore replacement on long tours is a must. Therefore there is Alpin Loacker The right spare parts for hiking sticks are available Alpin Loacker?

Which parts can be exchanged at our hiking sticks?

The snow plates of the hiking sticks are easy to replace. You can switch plates between summer plates and winter. Also the loops on the handle of the
You can reorder hiking sticks and our cork handle.
It often happens that the hiking stick lace breaks off after difficult terrain or more frequent use. However, this can be exchanged very easily. In order to prevent the hiking stick, the so -called rubber buffers, which offer additional protection, to prevent the hiking stick.

Our hiking stick set per kit has everything you need

To cover all terrains with your trekking sticks, we recommend our Pro Kit 10 hiking stick Accessories Set: It consists of 1 pair per Series Nordic Walking Pads, 2 pairs of rubber attachments, 1 pair of mud and 1 pair of snow plates for the Hiking Poles.