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How exactly do folding hiking poles work?

Whether hiking, mountaineering or ski touring: Foldable hiking poles or trekking poles give you maximum safety on all your trails. They are an indispensable companion on your tour and belong to the basic equipment for every trail.

Uphill, downhill and even in rough terrain you always have the edge with foldable hiking poles. The ultralight poles

  • guarantee you the best stability and surefootedness
  • relieve your joints, muscles & hips
  • give you a boost so that you do not stand like a duck in front of a mountain.

Trekking folding poles are foldable hiking poles that convince with light weight and small pack size.

The segments of the foldable hiking poles are connected inside with a sturdy rope and can be attached with a few simple handles and push button.

The ergonomic cork handle is easy to assemble and can also be dismantled again if necessary. After use, they are simply folded again and can thus be stowed in any hiking backpack to save space.

What advantages do foldable hiking poles have over conventional trekking poles?

Foldable trekking poles guarantee you absolute freedom. When you need your pole, it is ready for use in no time. Thanks to the extremely small pack size (35 × 10), foldable hiking poles can also be stored in your backpack at any time to save space. So you are well equipped for small and large adventures.

What should I look for when buying foldable hiking poles?

As with everything in life, there are also great differences in trekking folding poles. You can be sure: At Alpin Loacker quality is a top priority. That's why our trekking poles are foldable AND robust. If you are looking for an ideal companion for all (life) situations, foldable hiking poles from Alpin Loacker are always a good choice.

1. the weight of the foldable hiking poles

Good poles must not only provide support, but also be easy to handle. Low weight is the basis for this. Because honestly, how should a foldable hiking pole support you if it is as heavy as lead?

That is why we rely exclusively on Carbon and aluminum.

  1. Our foldable & lightweight hiking poles made of aluminum weigh just 291 g per trekking pole.

  2. The lightweight carbon hiking folding poles are foldable and weigh just 230 g per pole - an ultra-lightweight for your hiking tours.

 2. the handle material of the foldable hiking poles

To ensure that foldable hiking poles always perform well, be sure to keep the handle in mind when making your purchase. Our foldable hiking poles are all equipped with an ergonomically shaped cork handle. The natural material ensures an optimal grip all year round and guarantees you sweat-free hands.

Thanks to the cork handles, by the way, you don't have to worry about blisters and calluses. The sustainable natural product is extremely breathable and gentle to the skin.

3. the attachments of the foldable hiking poles

On your tours, the paths are usually as complex as life:

  • Asphalt,
  • mud,
  • rubble
  • and even snow are no longer a problem thanks to the supplied attachments.

The non-slip rubber buffers guaranteed you maximum cushioning and perfect grip in any weather. Even in snow and ice you can use your folding poles for hiking. Because in the scope of delivery are even snow plates included.

AllPole plate from Alpin Loacker Incidentally, are made of vulcanized rubber and are extremely abrasion resistant and durable.

Can our foldable hiking poles be adjusted to body size?

Yes, our hiking poles are foldable and individually adjustable. You will find Alpin Loacker two sizes (standard and short), so that your body size fits the hiking pole. The highlight: Each pole can be easily adjusted so that you achieve an optimal angle of 90 degrees.

How long are the foldable hiking poles from Alpin Loacker in the folded state?

Our foldable hiking poles are space-saving stowable. When folded, the poles are just 35 cm long and thus fit in any backpack.

What material is the foldable hiking pole made of?

At Alpin Loacker there are suitable poles for every tour. With us you will find foldable hiking poles made of carbon and aircraft aluminum. 3 K carbon is ultra-light and stable at the same time.

Carbon hiking poles are foldable and offer you maximum vibration protection. If you value lightness and stiffness, our carbon hiking poles foldable are perfect.

Are the foldable hiking poles from Alpin Loacker provided with loops?

Yes, all our foldable hiking poles are equipped with hand loops. Only in this way can we guarantee you maximum safety and optimal handling. After all, in addition to securing, hand loops also have an important function for optimal hand posture and power transmission.

Are the foldable hiking poles also suitable for the city?

Thanks to the included attachments, our foldable hiking poles are also great for a trail through the city. To avoid hurting anyone on the bus or train, you can fold your poles to save space if necessary.

Our Alpin Loacker Hiking folding poles - accessories included

All our Hiking Poles come with free bag - so you can easily transport the foldable mountain hiking pole everywhere. The hiking backpack will not get dirty and you have all the parts compactly stowed together. Likewise, the trekking poles come with

  • Snow Plates,
  • Mud plates
  • and rubber bumpers, which makes it an all-rounder.

Whether foldable Nordic walking pole, ski touring pole or trekking pole. With Alpin Loacker they come on every mountain safely up and joint-gentle down again.

Where to buy our foldable walking sticks?

Foldable hiking poles from Alpin Loacker you can find online in our store, at Amazon and on site in our store.

What accessories do I need for hiking?

So that you are also warm you need the right outdoor clothing and also a Hiking backpackin which you can carry your Hiking Accessories and Outdoor accessories can stow.