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Sleeping outside: An unforgettable experience

Do you love nature and would like to stay in the open air? Then you're just right here. In this category you will find everything you need for a night outdoors: from sleeping bags to sleeping bags and up to hammocks and tarps. We'll show you how to best prepare for your adventure, what equipment you need, and how you can enjoy nature in a gentle way.

The benefits of outdoor sleeping

Why should you sleep outside, if you also have a cozy bed or a tent? Simple: because it is an incomparable feeling to watch the starry sky, to listen to the noise of the leaves and to breathe the fresh air. Sleeping outside has many advantages for your well-being:

  • You sleep deeper and more restful, as you adapt to the natural rhythm of light and darkness.
  • You strengthen your immune system, as you are exposed to different temperatures and weather conditions.
  • You reduce your stress, as you distracted from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and concentrate on the essentials.
  • You experience nature more intensely, as you can truly immerse yourself in its beauty and diversity.

The right equipment for the outdoor sleeping

If you want to sleep outside, you should equip yourself well to ensure your comfort and safety. Depending on the season, weather conditions and personal tastes, you can choose between different options:

  • A Daunenschlafsack is the most important element for a pleasant night outdoors. It should be warm, light and breathable. Depending on the temperature range, there are different models that are filled with down or synthetic fibers. Take care that the sleeping bag fits well and is not too tight or too far.
  • A Isomatte provides good insulation from the floor and protects you from cold and moisture. It should be comfortable, robust and easy to inflate. There are different types of isomatten, such as Foam, air or self-inflating mats. Depending on the weight and pack size, you can choose the right mat for your tour.
  • A Hammock is a great alternative to sleeping, if you can stretch between two trees or similar fix points. It offers you a relaxed reclining position and good ventilation. However, you should be careful that the hammock is sturdy, weatherproof and equipped with a mosquito net. In addition, you should place an additional insulation in order not to cool.
  • A Tarp is a watertight tarpaulin that you can span across your sleeping place to protect you from rain, wind or sun. It can be used in a very flexible way and can be fastened differently as required. However, you should be careful that the tarp is large enough to cover you completely.

The Dos and Don'ts of the Outdoor-Sleep

If you want to sleep outside, you should pay attention to some rules to increase your safety and respect nature. Here are some Dos and Don'ts for your outdoor experience:

  • Do: Get informed about the weather forecast and plan your adventure in the short term, if you can be sure that it will stay dry.
  • Do: Select a suitable storage place, which is easily accessible, flat and protected. Avoid spending the night in nature reserves or on private land.
  • Do: Take only the bare necessities and avoid unnecessary garbage. Use sustainable products such as Recycling toilet paper or reusable bottles.
  • Do: Let your sleeping place back as clean as possible and take all the waste back with it. Bury your plight in a hole and cover it with earth.
  • Don't: Don't do a bonfire if it is not explicitly allowed or if the forest fire is high. Instead, use a camping cooker or a flashlight.
  • Don't: Don't disturb the animal and plant world and keep away from them. Do not feed wild animals and do not take any plants or stones.
  • Don't: Don't make noise and respect the tranquility of the other people and animals. Don't listen to loud music or scream around.
  • Don't: Take no unnecessary risks on you and always be prepared for the emergency. Take a first aid kit, a mobile phone and a whistle.

Conclusion: Sleeping outside is a great experience that you should definitely try out. With the right equipment and a few simple rules, you can enjoy nature to the fullest and let yourself be enchanted by its magic. Look at our products and find the right one for you. We wish you a lot of fun in the outdoor sleeping!

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Whether trekking tents, expedition tents, light hiking tents or bivouac tents. The agony of choice at camping tents is great. Ultra -light tents are popular with all outdoor friends - they convince with light weight and compact handling. Bivouac tents serve as safe accommodation in the area, while an expidatory tent has high demands on functionality and material. Our ultra -light Tarp is increasingly inevitable - this protects against sun, wind and weather. Ideal on multi -day hiking tours and outdoor camping with the whole family.