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If you value maximum sleeping comfort on your outdoor adventures, a down sleeping bag is always the right choice. The high breathability and excellent thermal performance ensure that extra dose of relaxation. More products for Sleep outside you can find it here.

The small pack size and weight also leave nothing to be desired. So it's no wonder that more and more outdoor enthusiasts don't want to do without this sleeping equipment when hiking, trekking, camping, etc.

What should you pay attention to when buying a down sleeping bag?

In order to find the right model, you should pay attention to the following factors when buying a down sleeping bag:

1. Fill weight

The filling weight is a parameter for the amount of down used and determines the insulation performance. If you want to use your down sleeping bag primarily in spring and summer, a low filling weight is sufficient.

For year-round use, however, it's best to choose a 4-season sleeping bag with appropriate filling.

2. Shape

The shape is also an important component when choosing the right down sleeping bag. A mummy sleeping bag is cut close to the body and therefore achieves rapid thermal performance. If you prefer more freedom of movement and want to change your lying position more often, the egg shape is better for you.

These models have a wider cut in the hip and leg areas, but offer the same Turbo warmth mode in the foot area.

3. Size and weight

Nothing is worse than a sleeping bag that is too small and doesn't give you any freedom of movement. So make sure you get the right size before buying.

We offer some models, such as our Down Pro 3 season down sleeping bag, in two versions. Thereforeit exists as Sleeping bag small pack size. Weight also plays a role in the selection.

Our summer sleeping bags made of down are so-called ultralight sleeping bag and fit comfortably in yours due to its small pack size Hiking backpack

4. Temperature range

The specified temperature range is always a recommendation. We put all models through their paces extensively and since we are true camping junkies, you can rely 100% on our judgment.

  • Our summer sleeping bag made of down, for example, offers you cozy sleeping comfort at 10 degrees.
  • Other models are cozy and warm even in sub-zero temperatures.

5. Brand and quality

Alpin Loacker stands for quality. We only use high-quality & sustainable materials - which is also reflected in the loft of the down used. This is an important quality criterion. The higher the fill power, the higher quality the filling is.

It goes without saying that we only use certified down - without any animal suffering! We also rely on high-quality material compositions for the outer materials used,

  • the water repellent,
  • soft
  • and are free of pollutants.

6. Animal welfare

The welfare of the animals is our top priority. Our sustainable duck down is RDS certified. The RDS seal ensures that:

  1. There is no plucking of live animals.
  2. No force feeding.
  3. The welfare of the animals is ensured at all times.
  4. The entire supply chain is documented by a professional, impartial certification body.

How do I wash and dry my down sleeping bag?

At some point the moment will come when you have yours Riron sleeping bag need to wash for the first time. And now? We'll show you how it works:

  • To ensure that your equipment lasts for a long time, you should only wash it by hand in the bathtub.
  • It is best to use special down detergent, which protects the film of duck down. .
  • After rinsing under clear water, you should only gently squeeze out your down sleeping bag and dry it lying down. It will be damaged by wringing it out etc.

Down sleeping bags vs. synthetic fiber: which is better?

As with everything in life, there are supporters and opponents. The topic of “sleeping bags” is no exception. However, it's best to form your own opinion based on the following criteria:

Down sleeping bags:

  • offer better insulation performance
  • are sustainable, significantly lighter & breathable
  • have a smaller pack size
  • give you cozy sleeping comfort

Synthetic fiber sleeping bags:

  • are easy to care for and machine washable
  • Dry quickly

What is the best way to store a down sleeping bag?

While your down sleeping bag is waiting for its next use, you should store it hanging up if possible. A clothes hanger can serve you well. Be sure to ensure good ventilation. Your equipment has no place in a musty or damp basement.

How long does a down sleeping bag last?

With good and proper care, your down sleeping bag will be a reliable companion for many years. During your hiking or camping trip, you should always shake and air out your cozy cave well after use.

Are there special down sleeping bags for women?

Our range includes numerous models in different sizes. All down sleeping bags are also wonderfully suitable for women. Down Pro 4 Seasons, for example, is available in 2 sizes: up to 170 cm and up to 195 cm tall. Every woman will find the right equipment there.

Where can I buy a down sleeping bag?

You can find our down sleeping bags in the shop, on Amazon and in our store.

What accessories do I need for a hiking trip?

To make your hike an unforgettable experience, you need the right down sleeping bag sleeping pad and a light tent. The following products should also not be missing, whether the tour is over days or just a day trip:

With these products you won't miss anything and you can enjoy your hiking tour.