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You want to buy a travel bag, duffle bag or sports bag but you can't find the forest for the trees? Regardless of whether it is a multi-day hiking tours, city trips or vacation trip, there is a suitable travel bag for every purpose. You can read which there are and what requirements this should meet here.

Which travel bag is suitable for you?

The right size is probably the most important question that is to be clarified when it comes to travel bags. Here you should not pay attention to the dimensions, but above all for the filling volume. Which size is suitable for you depends primarily on the intended use. A small travel bag with 40 to approx. 50 liters is ideal for a weekend or a short trip. With a size of up to 40 liters, you can usually take your travel bag on the plane as hand luggage. For a one -week vacation, on the other hand, you can use a travel bag with a filling volume of 50 and 80 liters. With a filling volume of 100 liter+, the travel bag for trips of about 10 - 14 days can be used. For longer trips there are of course travel bags with 120 liters of volume and more, but it should be borne in mind that very large travel bags should definitely have rollers, since they are often quite impractical in the handling without roles.

What material should the travel bag be made of?

There are different materials that are suitable for travel bags. Which material is best suited for you depends heavily on the planned purpose.

Most travel bags are made of polyester, because these fibers are UV-resistant and easy to care for. But nylon is also often used to make travel bags. This material is more durable, but unlike polyester, is not really UV-resistant. To combine the best properties of both fibers, a mixed fabric made of nylon and polyester is often used. The advantage is a very low weight and high resistance. In addition to the travel bags made of nylon and polyester, there is also the noble leather variant. The leather makes the bag durable and looks visually appealing and noble. However, leather travel bags need more care and usually have a higher weight.

Canvas travel bags are also very popular. However, travel bags from canvas are more difficult to clean and also have a higher weight. But they are quite resistant. Another material that some manufacturers and we also use is truck tarpaulin or ripstop - nylon. This offers a very high durability and is waterproof. Travel bags, duffle bags and sports bags made of ripstop- nylon are therefore ideal for camping and multi-day hiking trips. They are easy to clean and the content stays dry even in poor weather.


The most important purchase criteria

Ultimately, there is a very large selection of travel bags. For this reason, it is best to deal extensively with the different criteria before buying. Above all, you should keep an eye on your application.


  • The quality is a crucial criterion. The travel bag, duffle bag or sports bag must consist of a high -quality material and have good workmanship. Sports bags and travel bags for camping and Co. should also be waterproof or at least water -repellent.
  • Equipment Should contain several outdoor pockets as well as indoor pockets and a strap or a backpack. For example, the wallet, smartphone and the camera can be kept in the pockets. In order to always have them quickly, these outdoor pockets should best open and close with a zipper. Travel bags with over 120 liters should also be equipped with rollers
  • The wearing device Should definitely include carrying and a shoulder belt. In the best case, the travel bag is equipped with a backpack system.
  • The own weight also plays a major role in the purchase sheaths. This is especially true if you want to use the travel bag for a flight or need a longer hiking tour.


Product recommendation Alpin Loacker

Finally we would like the Alpin Loacker - introduce Smart Travel per travel bag.

The Alpin Loacker - Smart Travel Pro Duffel Bag comes with 70 liters or 100 liters of volume, which clever 5 different compartments is distributed: major subject, Shoe compartment outside, Side compartment outside, 2 compartments inside. By the waterproof and dirt repellent Material always stays dry and your travel bag easy to clean.

The travel bag can effortlessly with just 2 simple steps in a Backpack be converted. This ensures one good weight distribution and also ensures that you Both hands free Has for passports, drinking bottles or hiking sticks. The Alpin Loacker Travel bag with 70 liters Fill volume only weighs 1400 grams, with 100 liters Fill volume only 1600 grams.

The Carry are with one Real leather handle Mistake. This makes the bag comfortable, without cutting, and reduced Also the Welding with longer wearing.

The Alpin Loacker Smart Travel per travel bag is best suited for the following areas of application:


  • Multi -day hiking tours
  • camping
  • Travel by car, train and plane
  • Expeditions
  • as well as as a gymbag or sports bag for sports equipment


More information about Alpin Loacker You can find Smart Travel per travel bag HERE