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Wandern mit Kinder - so wird es ein Spaß für alle
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Hikes with children can be an absolute highlight for everyone. But this requires good preparation and of course the right route. So that you can enjoy the time in nature and your children experience an unforgettable adventure, we have collected numerous tips and tricks for you.

We present you the Must-haves and show you what you need to consider when planning. This way, ALL family members are guaranteed to get their money's worth. The little ones will experience a feeling of boundless freedom, while the grown-ups can relax and recharge their batteries. Are you ready for the adventure hiking with your children?

Clothing and equipment for hiking with children

The right Clothing and equipment play on Hikes with children play an overriding role. Even if the little ones consider one or two things superfluous and would prefer to just start walking: Only with the right equipment you should start. Otherwise, quarreling is inevitable.

The right equipment for hiking with children

The right equipment for hiking with children is actually not so different from a tour for adults. So that you keep everything in view, we have compiled the equipment here for you. You need:

Backpack: To be able to transport the luggage for children and adults comfortably, the backpack should be as large as possible and yet light. Our light Mountain backpack for example, offers enough space for your luggage.

Water bottles: You form the basis of every hike. Because you can't stop off everywhere along the way. Especially Stainless steel water bottles are a good companion. They are ultra-light, unbreakable and free of harmful substances.

Snacks: Since hiking trails can be strenuous for kids, you should pack plenty of food. In a stainless steel lunch box you can transport sandwiches, fruit and vegetable sticks sustainably.

First aid kit: Of course, it's nice if it doesn't have to be used. Nevertheless, a first aid kit with bandages should not be missing when hiking with children. Thereby also a Rescue blanket has proven itself many times.


Sunscreen: The sunscreen is an absolute must-have, especially in summer. Skin-friendly products with a high sun protection factor reliably protect children's sensitive skin from sunburn.

Sun hats: Sun hats offer excellent protection from sunstroke on sunny stretches. Even in supposedly cooler temperatures, they should not be missing when hiking with small children.

Sunglasses: They protect children's sensitive eyes (and your own) from UV light. Pay attention here absolutely to good quality. Cheap goods are often more appearance than reality.

Mosquito spray or cream: These products are indispensable, especially near bodies of water. Even in forests, the pests linger near puddles and pools.

Hiking poles: Telescopic hiking poles give big and small hikers maximum surefootedness and grip. In our blog post "All about hiking poles - guide for newcomers"we introduce you to the different models. Here you will also find many tips and tricks for handling.

Maps and compass: These two things have fallen into oblivion in this day and age, but they should never be missing on a hiking vacation with children. Especially a compass has a magical attraction for the little ones and provides the extra portion of adventure.

Handkerchiefs and wet wipes are not only a must when hiking with small children. For older children, too, they absolutely belong in the luggage. - Be it for blowing the nose or for quick hand cleaning.

Trash bags: Bags for garbage are also indispensable on tours in untouched nature. After all, you never know when you'll find the next trash can.

Have the right equipment when hiking with children

Hiking clothing for children

Who Explore hiking trails with children not only need the right equipment, but also the equipmentbut also functional clothing. These include:

Comfortable walking shoes provide perfect support on all trails and protect delicate children's feet from blisters in the best possible way. How you Prevent blisters on the foot you can read in this article.

Clothing suitable for the weather offers the best possible protection from rain and wind. Even in summer, good functional clothing should not be underestimated. Ideally, it is breathable and temperature compensating, like our Merino clothing for adults.

One headgear protects you from moisture and UV radiation. In summer, you should all wear a sun hat to avoid sunstroke. In autumn and winter performs a Merino cap does an excellent job.

Hiking socks made of merino wool provide an optimal wearing comfort. They have a temperature-balancing effect, are breathable and odor-resistant. So nothing stands in the way of a hiking vacation with children in Germany and Co.

Rainwearshould protect against moisture and be breathable at the same time. Hardshell jackets have proved particularly effective in this respect. In summer, they can be supplemented by quick-drying functional pants. In cold weather, on the other hand, rain pants are a good choice.

Where can I find hiking trails for hiking with children?

Many parents wonder whether "normal" hiking routes are suitable for children. In principle, the answer is "yes". Of course, you should choose a route that suits the condition of your children and also has something to offer.

At summer are Streams and small lakes an ideal destination. The tourist information of your region has many great ideas for you on site.

Hiking with children in the Black Forest

The Black Forest offers numerous possibilities for hiking with children. At older children are Annis Black Forest secrets are very popular. Here there are numerous riddles to solve. For hiking with toddler is especially the Fairy Tale Trail in Bad Wildbad is recommendable.

Adventure hiking with children in the Allgäu

Also in the Allgäu adventure hikes for children are capitalized. Besides a barefoot path in Bad Wörishofen offers the Family hiking trail in Bad Hindelang with its play stations plenty of space for great adventures.

Circular hiking trails in the Harz Mountains

The numerous circular hiking trails in the Harz for children and adults make outdoor hearts beat faster. Here the little ones can explore the dandelion discovery trail in Drei-Anne-Hohe. explore the Labyrinth in Braunlage or participate in a lynx hike in Bad Harzburg participate.

5 tips for hiking with children

Hiking with children strengthens family cohesion, strengthens the closeness to nature and an ideal health prophylaxis for young and old. So that the excursion or the Hiking vacation with children in Germany and Austria To ensure that the trip is not a flop, comprehensive planning is required in advance.

Hiking with children - the best tips

1. choose child-friendly hiking trails

Not only when hiking with a toddler does the Condition of the trails play a decisive role. Even if you want to hike with older children, the right path is the goal. This should offer as much space as possible for little explorers and not too many inclines so that the little ones don't lose interest.

2. relax, recover and enjoy: plan breaks.

Every tour not only takes its toll on your children physically, but also mentally. After all, all the impressions have to be processed. Therefore Sufficient breaks are important not only for toddlers, but also for older children.

Since benches are not everywhere to be found on the way, you preserve yourself with a picnic blanket a certain independence. So you could also go on a meadow or a clearing relax together and enjoy a delicious snack.

3. fun and games along the way: creative ideas for an exciting hike with children.

It doesn't always have to be the big adventure hike to turn time in nature into an unforgettable adventure for kids! Even on the way, numerous natural materials invite them to play freely or creatively. From

  • Sticks,
  • stone,
  • cones and the like can be used to build great works of art or play tic-tac-toe.

If several children are present, you can play with the play memory with the natural treasures or make a design a sound map. To do this, the children sit down with their eyes closed and listen very carefully: What sounds can they perceive far away from the noise and hustle and bustle?

Expert tip: All these Games train the senses and provide an extra dose of fun and relaxation.

4. stick bread and co.: Sufficient energy for little hikers

Fresh air makes you hungry - no question about it. That's why it's all the more important to keep your energy stores topped up in between hikes. In addition to healthy snacks such as fruit and vegetables, stick bread is a great adventure for all children.

The dough can be transported perfectly in a thermal lunch box. It is skewered on sticks on the spot and cooked over an open fire.

But be careful. A campfire you should only at designated places to avoid forest fires. However, experience has shown that barbecue areas can be found on many hiking routes.

5 Safety first: Protection from sun, ticks and falling rocks

Even if your little ones are still so adventurous - for the safety when hiking with children we adults are still responsible. That is why children should not run ahead in rough terrain if possible. At Mountain hiking with children you should guide them through specific safety precautions additional security.

All tours also feature the Protection from heat and ticks is very important. Use tick repellent and avoid extensive tours in high summer temperatures.

Tips for hiking with children


Adventure hiking with children is actually possible almost always and everywhere. The stay in the free nature and small becomes however only then for all an unforgettable family trip, if the basic conditions are correct. In addition to the right equipment and tasty food, it is the destination that determines whether the tour will be a highlight. Therefore, be sure to choose varied paths for the hike with children.

These should have as little incline as possible and have a lot to offer in terms of scenery. However, it doesn't always have to be spectacular routes to awaken children's enthusiasm for hiking. With nature games, even a hike in the adjacent forest can be a great place for your kids.


What equipment do I need for hiking with children?

Suitable equipment is essential for hiking with children. You will need a backpack to carry the luggage comfortably. Water bottles, snacks and a first aid kit should also not be missing. Sunscreen, sun hats and sunglasses protect you from UV radiation, while mosquito spray or cream protect you from annoying insects.

Hiking poles provide sure-footedness, and handkerchiefs and trash bags are handy for when you're out and about. Hiking clothing, such as comfortable hiking boots, weather-adapted clothing and hiking socks made of merino wool, complete the equipment.

Where can I find child-friendly hiking trails?

There are numerous child-friendly hiking trails that are best suited for families. In Germany, for example, the Black Forest, the Allgäu and the Harz Mountains offer many options. When choosing a route, make sure that it suits the condition and interests of the children. The local tourist information office can often give you good suggestions for child-friendly hiking trails.